Saffron is an ancient herb that was grown in different parts of the world and is now an important part of the food culture of various nations. Red Gold is the name given to saffron because it is valuable and expensive as gold. You may don’t know, moreover in Europe there was a war over red gold (saffron). Although the origin of saffron is not fully known yet, some people believe that saffron is native to Europe, especially Spain. If we consider the origin of saffron to be Europe, but the quality of Iranian saffron and its share in the world, the Wholesale market can not be ignored. Today, Iran, China, Afghanistan, and India are the largest producers of saffron. Each of these has a significant supply to the world markets. In the following, we will examine the saffron of each of the countries mentioned above.

Iranian saffron

One of the most important saffron suppliers in the world is Iran. Climatic conditions, suitable soil, and an expert workforce have made Iranian saffron the best type of saffron. The classification of saffron in Iran is as follows:


Difference Between Saffron vs Turmeric

The best type of saffron in Iran is Negin Saffron. You can easily recognize Negin Saffron with the following characteristics:

    • There is no crease in it
    • It has a beautiful color and also a beautiful shape
    • The three branches of stigma in Negin Saffron are completely separate.
    • The stigmas are uniformly red and there is no white color at the end.

It is interesting to know, that Negin saffron is divided into several categories:

    • Super Negin
    • Negin grade B
    • Shebhe Negin
    • Negin export


Sargol has a very high degree of purity its aroma and flavor are very strong and pleasant. The red-colored stigma and the cream part are separated.


In Pushal, the end part which is yellow in saffron is also included and it has many fans in export.

Due to the presence of yellow cream in Pushal saffron, the possibility of it being fake is almost zero.


The bunch is the whole part of saffron that is separated from the tepal (flower part).


This part is the root of saffron, it is white and it has the properties and aroma of saffron, but in a low amount.

Afghanistan saffron

Perhaps, the majority of us, know poppy and opium as the name of afghan products. Nevertheless, fortunately, saffron is the best alternative for those. Although poppy and opium have many uses in the medical industry (pharmaceuticals), the indiscriminate cultivation of these products has many disadvantages. The climatic conditions in Afghanistan (hot summer and mild winter) have provided a suitable platform for growing saffron. It is interesting to know, that saffron cultivation become popular in Afghanistan with our afghan colleagues. Saffron is the most valuable Iranian immigrant. At first, afghan farmers were reluctant to plant saffron, but over time they realized the value of red gold and were able to revolutionize their economy. Today, one of the best quality saffron in the world is supplied from this country.

China saffron

As you know, china has one of the biggest importers of Iranian saffron in the past. Today, due to the greenhouse cultivation of saffron in almost all it is cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, and others cities, it remains one of the customers of Iranian saffron. In this context, Iran is not only a supplier of china’s saffron, but they are also a competitor in the world market.

Indian saffron

Top Quality Saffron

As you may know, among the people of India, spiritual beliefs are very valuable. Colors are an important part of Indian culture and it is interesting to know, that saffron and it is color have a high status among Indian people. In this part of the article, we are trying to examine saffron from the point of view of the people of India. Saffron is so sacred in Indian religion that the monks of temples wear saffron-colored clothes and believe that they go to war against impurities with this color, they even have this color in their flag (meaning bravery and patriotism). It is safe to say that saffron in India is not only a valuable spice but also a rich culture. In addition to common saffron in the market, India has a type of saffron called Raja, which is unique to India and it is color is brighter than other saffron types. Indian saffron also has high quality in the world market, one of the areas of saffron cultivation in India is Kashmir.

History of saffron

When you study the history of saffron, you will realize the importance of red gold, the importance of saffron in curing diseases, especially the plague diseases was so high in the years 1347 to 1350AD, that the war occurred due to the scarcity of saffron. Below is of we refer to this part of history. It has been quoted in history:

“ When the black death ravaged Europe between 147 and 1350, demand for saffron and it is cultivation skyrocketed. It was coveted by plague victims for it is medicinal properties, even though many European farmers capable of growing it died off. Large quantities of saffron imports thus came from non-European lands. Yet the finest saffron threads from Muslim lands were unavailable to Europeans because of hostilities beginning with the crusades. Thus imports from a place such as Rhodes supplied central and northern Europe. Saffron was one of the contested points of hostility that flared between the declining nobleman classes and increasingly wealthy merchants. For example, the fourteen-week-long ”Saffron War” was ignited when an 800-pound shipment of saffron was hijacked and stolen by noblemen. The saffron load, which had been destined for the town of Basel, would at today’s market price be valued at more than US500,000.” To read more about this history, you can go to the website: & Wikipedia.

As you well know, saffron is rich in countless properties. Among them are antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, sedatives, increased libido, and help control blood pressure, in addition, countless benefits have been mentioned for saffron, many of which have been proven.

In this article, we have tried to introduce saffron suppliers in the world from a different point of view. It is necessary to explain, although the quality of saffron is very high, unfortunately, today, smuggling Iranian saffron bulbs outside our borders, other countries are trying to promote their saffron in the world and become the first saffron supplier of the world. Despite Spain being a small country, has been able to process and prepare saffron for the world market with modern methods and advanced devices, although it does not have high-quality saffron, with the import of saffron it has now become the largest saffron supplier in the world.

In this article, we tried to answer the question raised by you,” which is the best saffron in the world?”, differently. In this article, we gathered the world’s leading producers and also the big suppliers, now you tell us, which saffron is the best in the world?