What are the benefits of saffron tea?

In Iran, saffron manufacturers tend to make saffron products such as saffron tea, saffron rock candy, herbal tea, etc. and each of these products have health benefits. But what is saffron tea? It is made out of the saffron spice which comes from the Crocus sativus plant. Throughout the years, saffron tea has gotten through borders and have gained popularity amongst different nations and tastes. Many countries produce and export saffron; however, Persian saffron and Spanish saffron are at the top of quality and popularity.

The Iranian saffron manufacturers tend to produce other saffron-related products; saffron tea is one of them. In this article, we would like to discuss the benefits of saffron tea and how to make saffron tea.

Benefits of Saffron Tea

benefits of saffron

If we were to talk about all of the benefits of saffron tea, we’d have to speak for hours. However, we will talk about 7 benefits of saffron tea down below that we think are worth mentioning.

1. Saffron Can Help Reduce Anxiety and Depression

The very first benefit of saffron tea is the fact that it is known for its anti-depressant properties that can help lift your mood. The anti-depressant properties in saffron tea occur naturally after drinking a cup of saffron tea. Thus, regularly drinking this beneficial tea can help prevent depression.

2. Menstruation

It is proven that another benefit of saffron tea is its assists women who have issues with menstruation. Saffron tea is recommended to women who have abnormal periods, and it is truly powerful.

3. Saffron and Heart-related diseases

Other than anti-depressant properties, saffron tea also has properties that can help with cholesterol levels within the arteries. The cholesterol that has been building up in the arteries can lead up to many different heart diseases and saffron tea can help fix that.

4. It fights Cancerous Cells

The crocin, which is a chemical component in saffron, is literally filled with anti-oxidants that are known to fight cancerous cells. In other words, crocin is known to fight a huge number of cancers in the body. Also, it is known to shrink tumor cells. The yellowish color in saffron is caused by carotenoids which are known to protect the body from viruses.

5. Abdominal Pain

If you are experiencing stomach pain, prepare a cup of saffron tea. Saffron is perfect for serious or mild cases of stomach pain. In addition, saffron rock candy can also help with digestion and recommend to have after each meal.

6. Eyesight

Research conducted by the University of L’Aquila in Italy has proven that the properties in saffron can protect eyesight cells. This is due to the fatty acid content of saffron. Drinking a cup of saffron tea a day can toughen the fatty acid of the saffron and help protect your vision.

7. Blood Pressure

As mentioned, saffron has crocetin which can help lower the blood pressure in the body. Regularly drinking saffron tea can take care of your blood pressure forever.

As mentioned above, if we were to talk about the benefits of saffron, we’d be here for hours. If you’d like to learn more, please read our previous article where we talk about the benefits of saffron for health.

How to make saffron tea?

benefits of saffron

There are pre-made saffron tea bags that you can purchase online and place them in your favourite mug along with a few oz of hot water. In addition, if you would like to prepare saffron tea the traditional way, you are going to need about 20 saffron threads. Add them to your mug that has been poured with freshly boiled water and allow them to steep for around 6 minutes once the 6 minutes is up remove the saffron threads from the mug and drink the tea.

Generally speaking, pure saffron tea is a bit bitter; if you like sweet tea, you can either add sugar or use saffron rock candy.

Side Effects of Saffron Tea

There are some side consequences of drinking saffron tea.Since saffron tea hasn’t been evaluated on nursing mothers, and those likely to become mothers and soon-to-be mothers, they shouldn’t drink tea with saffron on a regular basis.In rare instances, it can trigger headaches and can cause dizziness.If you already have high blood pressure, saffron can reduce it more than what is normal.