How to Use Iranian Saffron?

The Iranian saffron is known as the red gold of spices, and it is the top ingredient used in most Persian dishes and beverages. Why is Iranian saffron even popular and always in demand in most countries around the world? In this article, we would like to discuss how to use Iranian saffron and the history of saffron.

History of Iranian Saffron

Most people strongly believe Iran was the first country that cultivated saffron. However, the arguments around this claim are endless, but with facts, you may be able to see the bigger picture and understand where saffron really came from. Currently, Iran is the top producer of saffron globally, and saffron suppliers in Iran supply more than 90% of the world’s saffron, and saffron wholesale has been the best export business in the country. Roughly 390 tons of saffron is being grown in the country, and tons of saffron being exported.

To understand the size of it, every 500 stigmas of saffron is only one gram. Now, imagine how many saffron stigmas are in 390 tons!

When is Saffron Harvested?

Iranian Saffron - How to Use Iranian Saffron

The saffron season begins in November. The purple saffron flower covers the entire field and creates an amazing view of different parts of Iran. However, most of the saffron manufactures are located east side of the country and in the Khorasan province. In Iran, Khorasan is known as the land of saffron, and most saffron in Iran comes from that province. The harvesting season lasts around three weeks, and saffron must be harvested before sunrise when they are not opened yet.

Saffron flower is very sensitive and should be harvested manually. So, first thing in the morning, men and women start picking flowers as fast as possible before sunrise and before flowers start to bloom magically as soon as they feel the sun. They tend to pick flowers until 9-10 AM, and then flowers are taken to a shed where there is no sunlight. Everyone sits down and starts to take the stigmas out of the saffron flower. To produce one gram of saffron, they have to pick 167 saffron flowers. This is the main reason why saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.

How to Use Iranian Saffron?

As mentioned above, saffron is a special spice to Iranians, and it is mostly used in different dishes and beverages. Mostly, Iranians tend to use a thin layer of saffron over their perfect Persian rice and in their sauce when making chicken kebabs. Saffron is added to different dishes to add more flavor to their dishes and traditional ice cream that is popular all around the country.

Moreover, saffron suppliers in Iran tend to make saffron-based products that are both delicious and may contain health benefits. For example, saffron rock candy, saffron pudding, saffron mixed cake powder, saffron jelly, as well as saffron herbal tea.

In a traditional Iranian household, the Iranian saffron is used to make various drinks, such as the popular saffron tea. Saffron tea is packed with benefits, and it is recommended to have a cup of saffron tea at least once a day. Also, with saffron, they make saffron face masks for brighter and healthier skin.


Iranian saffron is the best saffron globally, and saffron wholesalers are supplying 90% of the world with high-quality saffron. You can use Iranian saffron in different dishes and beverages to add more flavor and give it an amazing color. Saffron is considered red gold as it is the most expensive spice in the world due to the time and effort it takes to produce one gram.