Iranian Saffron Herbal Tea

From the past to the present Iranian tea has always been considered as an aromatic and delicious drink. Iranian saffron has an exceptional place globally and due to this fact, many international drinks are mixed with saffron to benefit from the unique aroma and color it has.

In this article, we want to point to different types of herbal teas and learn more about their properties. In particular, we want to get more acquainted with Iranian saffron herbal tea and its benefits.

Benefits of Iranian Saffron Herbal Tea

As you may know, herbal teas, also known as herbal infusions, are made from different types of herbs. To manufacture different kinds, factories use different parts of herbs, the range varies from the top part of it which is its flowers to their roots and also some types of leaves. Herbal teas have countless benefits and before modern medicine, these were not the only options but the best ones. According to ancient documents, beside the health benefits herbal teas have for the human body health, it helps the peace of mind and body.

There are various flavors of herbal tea around us which are either made from one herb or mixture of different herbs or even a mixture of herbs with spices. To mention some of these herbal teas and mixtures we can say, hibiscus, chamomile, lemon verbena, and borage. The mixtures are also interesting, the tea and herbal teas can be mixed with other herbs and spices, spices. Spices such as saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, etc.

Mixture of Saffron Herbal Tea

The mixture will be delicious and by adding them to herbal teas and teas, you can improve the taste. Some of these spices and mixtures can help you in warming your body, if you mix ginger or cinnamon with your tea and herbal tea, you can enjoy the warmth it presents after drinking a cup. This is also true about Iranian tea. If you want to experience a great mixture with tea, no matter Iranian or non-Iranian, you can mix it with saffron, and also different flowers such as the rose flower.

Import Saffron from Iran

Many types of herbs are also mixed with flowers. Flowers such as rose and jasmine are both great with tea. So, for getting more out of herbal tea and tea, it is recommended to mix it with aromatic plants mentioned above. Moreover, you may be aware of the wonderful properties and benefits herbal tea and tea have but you just feel it’s too bitter for you to have it as a regular drink.

In this case, we can recommend you to mix it with sweeteners; but we don’t suggest sugar. You can use a better sweetener such as honey or rock candies. We talked about different tastes and mixtures of tea and herbal tea and now it’s time to talk more about their benefits. It’s interesting to know that most herbal teas are caffeine-free, such as chamomile, ginger, and hibiscus. So, if you are one of those people who prefer caffeine, we suggest you Yerba and beverages. Generally, herbal teas can help you to have a better sleep. Moreover, due to its medicinal properties, it would be effective in healing your pain and it helps you relax more.

You can find different colors of herbal teas as well, they are in black, white and green colors and it’s better to drink them hot. Based on your taste, you can drink it hot or cold. You can mix it with ice and enjoy the taste. Now we want to talk a little more about Iranian saffron herbal tea. As mentioned above, herbal teas are rich in countless positive properties and on the other hand saffron is a rich source of crocin.

We talked about the benefits of crocin before. All of these properties can embrace you with fresher feelings and good taste. Now, Tose’e Esfedan Sharq Company with Goliran brand also uses high-quality herbs from various farms which provide the best medicinal herbs. This company combines the herbs with its premium-quality pure saffron to present the best aromatic herbal teas.


As mentioned in previous articles, the saffron of Esfedan brand is pesticide free and is hand-picked carefully and dried in the best possible way and the mixture of this marvelous spice helps the flavor a lot. It will be your host in your own houses and will give you the aroma of Iranian herbal tea saffron. Keep it mind, it is too much better to drink this tea hot. Finally, I can tell you, this is a flower that can make the best feeling for the whole day, just drink a cup of saffron tea then you can see you feel fresher and it is enough to have a good day. You can visit our site to drink this valuable drink