Affron, a well-known extract of saffron developed for its adaptogenic properties, such as mood enhancement, is marketed by Pharmactive. It was found to help promote healthy sleep in a newly published human clinical study that also identified a possible mechanism of action.The substance was proven to be effective on sleep in a single, small dose, taken only an hour prior to the time of bed.The results showed for the first time a potential mechanism of action by which it can increase the natural production of melatonin levels in the body before bedtime, opening a new branch of research alongside previously-established effects that saffron extract can have on neurotransmitter balance, antioxidant, and inflammatory properties.
The study, which was published in the journal of scienceSleep Medicine, confirmed conclusions from a previous clinical study published in the year 2020, which confirmed that Affron is associated with improvements in self-reported quality of sleep.
In the latest dose-response double-blind placebo-controlled study that was released in August, 120 healthy males and female adults between the ages of 18 and 70 with self-reported problems with sleep that lasted at least 4 weeks were given a placebo or a variety of doses of Affron just one hour prior to going to bed for 28 days.The primary objective was to determine if Affron could provide significant clinical benefits in improving sleep quality even in low dosages.
Comparatively to the alternative, Affron supplementation was linked to greater improvements in the key outcome measures for mood and sleep quality ratings following waking, the quality of insomnia symptoms score as a whole, and also the classification of insomnia in the ISQ.Improved self-reported mood and sleep quality were linked to each other with Affron. Affron group, which the researchers concluded, led to the conclusion that Affron supplementation may provide a quick, substantial impact on sleep quality in just a single dose of 14 mg.
The most important thing is that the researchers of the study observed higher levels of melatonin among people who took Affron and suggested that the supplementation of the herbal extract may boost the natural production of a hormone that regulates sleep.
Affron supplementation was well-tolerated, and no serious adverse reactions or sluggishness were observed in the supplementation group, indicating that Affron may be a healthy alternative that doesn’t have the same risk of causing morning fatigue or sleepiness as other supplements can cause.“The results also suggest that this clean, pure-label saffron supplement plays an important role in keeping levels of melatonin in their normal range and offer further evidence for the benefits of sleep enhancement Affron supplementation in people who suffer from inadequate sleep,” Adrian Lopresti, Ph.D., the lead author of this study told.
Further research is needed to study the effectiveness and safety of saffron supplements by using objective measures of sleep over a longer time period and in patients suffering from insomnia disorders or other sleep disorders, as the researchers behind the study noted. Additionally, more research on the potential mechanisms that saffron can play in to improve sleep action is needed.