Everything About a Cup of the Royal Drink

Saffron milk mix is a royal drink. Do you know why? You might have guessed right definitely, because of the presence of Iranian saffron. As you may know, saffron is one of the most expensive and delicious spices in the world and, on the other hand, it has countless properties. It is interesting to know, the hometown of this royal drink is in India, actually, saffron milk is a classical drink in this country. India is known for different colors and spices. The Indians know very well how to use these spices and one of these important things is this royal drink that they call Kesar. If you are going to India for an exciting trip, we suggest you drink Kesar or saffron milk mix.

How to Make Saffron Milk Drink

Drinking saffron milk daily will not improve your digestion also it has a high effect on your skin and also increase your body immunes. It is interesting to know, the majority of people around the world consume this drink when they have cold or flu, when you drink it warm especially. As you may know, saffron milk mix has high nutrition value, then it has numerous properties. As you may know, both milk and saffron have many types of different properties then I want to draw your attention to this point, the combination of the two is rich in nutritional value and properties. Here I want to tell you about some of Kesar or saffron milk benefits.

Saffron Milk Benefits

Enhance immunity: As you may know saffron is abounding in carotenoids that can increase your body immunity, if you drink a cup of Kesar during the day, you can improve the health of your body.

Prevention from getting cold, Indian people believe this incredible drink can protect them against cold, for this reason, they drink Kesar Doodh every day.

Help maintain healthy skin and hair, it is interesting to know that saffron milk mix can help to improve your hair and skin. As you may know, milk is rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and, folic acid and on the other hand saffron, despite its calcium and high minerals, can increase the nutrition value of milk and improve hair growth, health and, skin softness.

Sleep better, as you may know saffron has antioxidants and warm milk drinks before sleep can help you to have good sleep, although milk has not been proven to help producing natural melatonin. Research shows that it helps you sleep better. It can be concluded that the combination of milk and saffron is used fully for comfortable sleep. We suggest you enjoy this pleasant drink before going to bed instead of chemical pills.

Enhance memory, crocin in saffron helps to improve memory. By drinking this natural drink, you can increase your brain power and boost your memory. It is recommended to help improve children`s memory with this tasty drink.

Good for the heart, the presence of quercetin in saffron can help control cholesterol levels and improve heart function.

Now that you are familiar with saffron milk and its properties, we want to explain how to prepare it. Like any classic drink, it has its own traditional recipe.

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Making Saffron Milk Drink

Best saffron in the world

Classical recipe: we need the following ingredients to prepare a classic recipe:

  • 2 or 3 cups whole milk
  • 5 saffron (sargol is better because of the aroma of the sargol)
  • 2 or 3 teaspoons sugar

(The amount of ingredients depends on the number of you guests and its taste depends on your taste)


  1. Boil the milk
  2. Add sugar and saffron and mix them well
  3. Now it is time to garnish and serve it. You can garnish it with saffron stigma then serve it warm and hot it depends on your taste. saffron milk mixes ready to drink. Enjoy your drink.

In some recipes depending on food taste, some people add nuts to this drink such as almonds, pistachios and, sometimes using dates.

Now, you know well how to make this incredible mix. But bear in mind what makes this mix a marvelous drink is the ingredient. Make sure that you are using the best raw materials for making such mix cause otherwise the mix will taste awful and all your efforts will be nothing. For making this mix, you need two basic ingredients. Both of them are important for the flavor. First one is milk and the second one is saffron. Now we are going to give you pieces of advice for purchasing the best kind of saffron. First of all be aware of the kind of saffron you want to use. We suggest you to use Negin or Super Negin saffron for this mix in order to give it a better aroma and color. Second, purchase from a well-know saffron supplier to make sure the saffron you are using is original.


You can purchase your saffron from Esfedan Saffron Trading Company. This company provides all types of saffron including Super Negin, Negin, Sargol and Pushal in different packaging. If you have a restaurant who serves this mix everyday, we offer you to purchase the bulk packaging which is economical. Otherwise, we recommend you the retails packaging in different sizes and with different weights. For sweeteners, we suggested you sugar, but if you think natural sweeteners will be better for you, you can use honey instead. We hope our article helped you in making this tastey mix and enjoy the taste while sitting with your family.