How to buy bulk saffron?

As you may be aware, saffron is among the expensive spices in the world. If you are interested to know the process that made it one of the valuable spices of the whole world, you can have a look at the preparation from planting to harvest and if you can’t make it you can just study our articles to get to know this spice.

After harvesting this spice, like other products, the manufacturer will look for different types of packaging. The packaging of saffron differs from company to company and also from culture to culture. But why do you think it’s like this? One reason is that the consumption model is different in different countries. Some countries and cultures are a fan of Super Negin saffron, in this case, to maintain the quality of saffron, the manufacturers choose the packaging which has more space to give more space to saffron filaments.

If you decide to choose another type you should risk saffron break and low-quality saffron. But many manufacturers decide to buy bulk saffron. It may be due to different reasons; some might be advised to buy saffron in bulk quantities and then repack it, some may think that in this case they can check the quality better and do laboratory tests. Whatever the reason is they prefer to buy bulk saffron. Many manufacturers in Iran or other parts of the world who are producing saffron have this product in bulk and retail packaging.

The main question for those buyers who want to purchase bulk saffron is “How to Buy Bulk Saffron?”. For answering this question, you should first find reliable and trustworthy suppliers of saffron from any part of the world you want to purchase. Mostly, Iranian bulk saffron is popular among the manufacturers because of its aroma and color. If you are one of those manufacturers who think Iran is the best place to buy saffron from, you must find a great bulk saffron supplier from Iran. But how? You can search on the internet and you will find many pages related to this field. But bear in mind that you may face fake saffron on the market.

How to Recognize Fake Saffron?

You can use all of your senses for recognizing fake saffron from original ones. The color, aroma, and shape of saffron reveal everything. Many experts advise testing saffron with cold water. Fake saffron usually loses color quickly but the original saffron releases color after some time. Another problem you may face is that you think you have bought high-quality saffron, but after using it or selling it you figure out that it was lower-quality saffron.

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How to Purchase Saffron?

what does saffron taste like

You must be aware of the different types of qualities of saffron, and when you are sure which type of saffron you want to buy, check the qualities of that saffron with your saffron supplier. In this case, the shape of saffron helps you a lot. Based on which part of saffron you want to buy, the shape of the saffron varies. Super Negin has the longest filaments and it’s all red. The Negin is also red but you can see that the filaments are shorter. Sargol type usually is shorter than those two and it may be mixed with a few yellow saffron filaments. Pushal saffron which has the lowest grade has more yellow saffron filaments.

Who is a Good Saffron Supplier?

A great saffron supplier can supply different grades of saffron for you and also gives you information about different types and grades. Moreover, manufacturers usually like the suppliers who can supply the quality they choose, same as the first time they bought. Nobody likes to purchase a good product the first time and face a lower quality the second time. So, you can check the amount that a supplier can give you at each interval you want. Although you may face some fake saffron on Iranian market, many reliable and famous saffron suppliers in Iran export and supply tons of saffron each year. One of the reliable saffron suppliers of Iran is Esfedan Saffron Trading Company. This company provides the best and premium-quality saffron from different farms of Razavi Khorasan Province.

As you might have questions about why we emphasize the province our saffron comes from, I must explain that Razavi Khorasan Province is the richest resource for saffron in Iran and the world. If you want to buy premium-quality Iranian bulk saffron you are invited to visit our website and you can contact our sales team they will reach you in the shortest possible time and give you advice about different types, packaging, and quantities you can purchase. Esfedan Saffron Trading Company has more than 30 years of experience in supplying, distributing, and exporting different qualities of saffron. Its saffron has been exported to many countries all around the world such as China, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, and many other countries. What always buyers mention is the maintenance of quality over time and the delivery time. The saffron will be delivered around a week after your order submission which is the best delivery time in this industry. Different types of bulk packaging are ready for you to be picked up!