Benefits of Saffron & Cardamom Tea

In the mornings, after a midday nap, or even when you feel exhausted, what will help you freshen you up? Many people choose caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee in different forms. In different cultures, people choose different types of caffeinated drinks. For example, in American culture people usually drink coffee in different forms. In Iranian culture, people usually prefer tea.

Tea can be mixed with different spices in Iranian culture to give it a better aroma and color. People often mix Iranian saffron tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, rose flower, or sometimes we can have a mix of two or more spices. A famous type of tea mix in Iran is the mixture of saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, and rose flower. Saffron and cardamom tea is the most famous kind of tea mixture in different provinces of Iran. But why saffron and cardamom tea?

What are the benefits of Iranian saffron and cardamom?

If we want to consider each one separately, I mean saffron tea and cardamom tea, we can categorize them among the popular mixtures with Iranian tea. Each of them alone gives the tea an incredible aroma. But what is different between them is the color. Besides aroma, an important factor in having a great tea is its color. Saffron gives a marvelous color to the tea and makes it an aromatic drink. Now, think of the combination of color and smell. Some research shows that taste of a drink increases the chance of its sales up to 84%. So, manufacturers pay more attention to the taste of the drink. But do these two ingredients affect the taste too?

As you may have tasted, tea without any sweetener tastes bitter. When it’s mixed with spices such as saffron or cardamom the taste also adjusts. But why? Saffron and cardamom give a spicy and earthy flavor to tea and this is why the bitter taste is reduced a lot. Is it only the matter of taste, smell, and color that makes Iranian people mix tea with these spices? Absolutely no. In the following part, we want to mention some of the benefits of saffron and cardamom tea.

Benefits of Saffron and Cardamom Tea

Benefits of Saffron and Cardamom Tea

As you may be aware, saffron is among the healing herbs. It can heal anxiety and depression. So, if you want to have a fresher feeling during the day, have a cup of saffron tea. Saffron has a bunch of benefits for humans. For females, it reduces PMS symptoms and helps the women in their period time. So, before the period time and during it, saffron derivatives will help. A cup of saffron tea is then recommended during this time. To mention some other benefits of saffron in brief we can say it is a great antioxidant, it can be used to improve the health level and weight loss, it can help the illness related to cancer, etc. Since you can use it with various types of food ingredients, you can benefit from its countless merits with any food.

We talked enough about saffron and saffron tea. Now, it’s time to talk more about cardamom. The origin of this fantastic spice in India and Indonesia. It has a great smell and when it is mixed with saffron and tea in the teapot, it makes a magical drink. Like saffron, cardamom is full of benefits. The benefits of cardamom are like those mentioned for saffron and this is another reason that these two spices are like each other and can be mixed.

We mentioned the benefits of saffron and cardamom tea mixture for you but bear in mind that you shouldn’t exceed in consuming these two items with your tea or their combination with any other ingredients. Other than the bitter taste, it may be harmful to you. For those suffering from bipolarity, the mothers who are breastfeeding, or pregnant ladies are not recommended for eating saffron.

Up to now, we discussed the benefits of saffron tea & cardamom tea, and also the benefits of their mixtures with tea separately. Now it’s better to talk about herbal tea as well. Not only saffron tea but also saffron herbal tea has many benefits. We talked about the aroma and taste and they are all true about saffron herbal tea too. Herbal teas are mostly known for the properties they have for treating different diseases such as the flu. You can have a cup of saffron herbal tea mixed with different spices such as cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon to get better soon.


In a conclusion, saffron is a marvelous spice as we said before and its mixture with different spices in a teapot can bring a pleasant taste and aroma for you. No matter if it is mixed with cardamom, ginger, or cinnamon, it makes a great mix for you. You can count on the benefits the mixture brings for you and drink it whenever you feel down. But be careful of the amount of your consumption.