Iranian Saffron vs Indian Saffron

From a long time ago, saffron has been used in different dishes worldwide. Other types of saffron were used back then, and the most famous one was Kashmiri saffron from India. Nowadays, Kashmiri saffron is still available on global markets and has many fans. Kashmiri saffron is presented in different weights and packaging. This article will look at the history of saffron in Iran and India and its other qualities.

The Land of Saffron

We understand that historians and experts claimed different origins for saffron based on various documents. Some resources stated that the cultivation of saffron belongs to Southwest Asia. They believe that the land of this expensive spice was Greece, and then the use of this spice was expanded to different parts of the world, such as Iran, India, and Spain. Some other historians stated that saffron came from China. Others state that the use of saffron as an ingredient goes back to India and Buddha. It says that Persian rulers used saffron in India. As you can see, different resources declare different claims. In ancient history, saffron was primarily used for medical purposes.

In Which Countries is Saffron Harvest Now?

Nowadays, saffron is being harvested in Iran, Spain, and India. You can visit our blog for Top 5 Saffron Producing Countries to get familiar with the countries having the potential for growing this expensive spice. Between these countries, Iran supplies 90 percent of the saffron globally. Iranian saffron is among the best saffron available in the world.

Indian Saffron

What does distinguish different types of saffron from different parts of the world? Bear in mind that saffron in different parts of the world has different saffron types. For instance, there are four types of saffron in Iran, including Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, and Pushal. You can find Coupe, La Mancha, Rio, and Sierra in Spain. Iranian saffron is different from Spanish saffron in types and other factors. If you are hesitating to buy Iranian or Spanish saffron, you can read articles on Iranian Saffron VS Spanish Saffron.

Moreover, in India, you can find Kashmiri saffron. This type of saffron is found in Kashmir, one of the provinces of India. Kashmiri saffron has different types as well. Mongra or Mogra is the best kind of saffron, all red saffron. Lachha is the second type of Indian saffron with red and yellow parts together. Zarda saffron has the lowest quality among all of the other kinds, made of yellow parts of saffron.

Several cities in Kashmir produce saffron. One of the famous cities in Kashmir for producing saffron is Pampore. Cities like Srinagar and Kishtwar produce saffron as well.

Iranian Saffron

Iranian Saffron

Iran is now considered the biggest supplier of saffron in the world. Although Spain has the highest amount of exporting saffron, Iran has many lands in Razavi Khorasan province, which produces high-quality saffron. Like Indian saffron, Persian saffron has different degrees, as mentioned above. In the next section, other kinds are explained with their qualities.

The finest kind is Super Negin saffron which has longer filaments than other types, and the filaments have stronger color and aroma; its filaments are all red. Super Negin can be presented in two ways: regular, and another kind is ironed Super Negin. Ironed Super Negin, also known as Otuyi and Otoyi saffron in Persian, is ironed filaments of saffron, and their surface is smoother than the regular one. But why do they iron the filaments? In this way, the saffron will look better, and usually, manufacturers pack them in luxury boxes. You can buy this kind of saffron if you have special customers. You can also buy this kind as a gift for your special friends and family members.

The second type of saffron is Negin saffron which is also of fine quality. This kind also has red filaments. But the aroma and coloring strength is less than the first kind. The third quality known as Sargol in Persian is the kind of saffron, which is the top of the saffron filaments and has lower rate than the first two kinds. This kind of saffron is the typical type used in different kinds of packaging in Iran. The fourth grade, which is being used in different parts of the world, is called Pushal or Pushali saffron. This kind of saffron includes the yellow parts saffron flower. In Iran, Saffron has another kind known as bunch saffron or Doxtar Pich in Persian. This kind of saffron is when Pushal filaments are put together and bonded with a string.

Razavi Khorasan is the major supplier of saffron in Iran, and it has many farms and farmers engaging in this field. This province has the finest weather for growing different kinds of saffron.

Different countries worldwide purchase saffron from various parts of the world based on their need. There are other suppliers of saffron in different parts of the world which you can buy different kinds of saffron from them. But be careful about the quality you want to purchase, check all the qualities it must have, and then purchase from them. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, and it’s been used in many countries, mostly Iran, India, Spain, GCC countries, and countries such as Italy, Germany, Sweden, and other countries around Europe.


In conclusion, the name of different types of saffron varies from country to country, but no matter the name of the different types, what is essential is the quality you want to purchase. If you wish to buy Persian saffron, you can find a reliable saffron supplier in Iran and purchase your desired quality from them. We mentioned the properties of a reliable saffron supplier in the previous articles. You can purchase bulk and retail saffron from Esfedan Saffron Trading Company and enjoy the quality. You can contact the international sales team and get the details of the products.