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Pushal Saffron Bulk Packaging

  • Saffron Type: Pushal
  • Coloring Strength: 215
  • Weight: 125 gr
  • Packaging: Metal sealed tins


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Pushal Saffron Bulk Packaging

Besides Sargol (All-Red) Saffron, which has a very high quality, there is another kind of Saffron called Pushal. Pushal Saffron does not have Sargol’s premium quality but some consumers prefer to purchase Pushal to be assured of saffron validity. Our Pushal Saffron comes in different weights and packagings such as Bulk, Atlas,… Our bulk packagings weight starts from 125g up to 1kg. if your annual usage of saffron is more than 20g and you want to make an economic and wise choice you can order our Pushal saffron in bulk packaging.

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