Is Spanish saffron the same as regular saffron?

First, we should answer this question” what is the Spanish saffron?”

Before answering this question, we would like to take a look at the history of saffron, and we will start with this question:” What is saffron?”

Crocus sativus is a plant that we know as saffron. Saffron is a powerful and native plant of the Iranian plateau, which was cultivated in different areas of the Iranian plateau from the distant past until today.

Saffron is a plant with four seasons. This perennial and herbaceous plant is somewhat different from other plants. Usually, the flowering time of plants is early spring, whereas, saffron is with flowers in early autumn.

The suitable climate conditions for saffron cultivation

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Subtropical regions with hot and dry summers and mild winters, are suitable for growing saffron. Therefore, according to the knowledge of suitable areas for the growth and cultivation of saffron, it should be noted that areas with hot and humid climates are not suitable for saffron cultivation. For this reason, we do not see the saffron plantation in the north (Gilan and Mazandaran) and also in the south (Persian Gulf).

A very important and significant point in growing saffron plants is watering a plant in the winter season. as you know, winter is the resting season of plants, so called their sleep. We all know this stand in plants as plant hibernation.

During the hibernation period of the plant, watering is harmful to saffron. Please avoid watering Kesar during this period.

One of the most important components of saffron is it is the bulb, therefore, in addition to the quality of the saffron bulb, farmers are skilled in identifying it, the soil must also be of high quality because the saffron bulb remains under the soil for five to seven years. Fertile and suitable soil for saffron cultivation is a combination of sand and clay and well-drained soil. As mentioned above, the best cities for saffron cultivation are Khorasan province, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Semnan, and cities with a similar climate to these cities. Meanwhile the cities of the qanat brand and ferrous have more high-quality saffron production than others. In total, Khorasan province ranked first and Isfahan province ranked second in saffron exports.

Saffron properties

As you may know, saffron has had many uses in folk medicine from the past until today. Although there are still no proven scientific reasons for some of it being properties, it has proven properties to affect many diseases.

Health-beneficial properties of saffron

Protects the body against cancer

Saffron contains strong antioxidant causes protects the body against cancer and accelerates the healing process in case of cancer or can help stop it in the early stages.

Improve brain function and memory retention

The constituent compounds of saffron reduce inflammation and oxidative damage to the brain, which can contribute to brain health and also it has effected on memory retention.

It causes improves the nervous system and increases vitality

Saffron compounds can significantly reduce the symptoms of depression in a person.

Improve eyesight

Researchers show that the possibility of treating eye diseases in patients who consume saffron with their food every day is more than in others.

It is possible to treat cataracts in the early stages with saffron.

Improve the function of the digestive system

Research has shown that the compounds in saffron are effective in treating digestive disorders.

Healing of burn wounds

Compared to anti-burn creams, saffron significantly increases epithelial tissue


Help maintain health and improve heart function

The potassium in saffron dilates the blood vessels, reduces the heartbeat and also relieves the pressure on the heart and blood vessels, and also helps maintain heart health.

Improve skin color and shine

You can help your skin health by using masks and scrabs containing saffron.

Increased libido

According to research, crocin in saffron can increase sexual desire and increase the duration of this relationship.

Increased fertility in men

Although saffron does not increase the number of sperms, it can significantly increase their quality.

Helping bone strength in children

Even though saffron helps children maintain strong bones, it should be noted that saffron should not be used for kids under 2 years of age. Also, consult your kid’s doctor before using saffron.

Spanish saffron

If you know about saffron, you know for sure, saffron produced in Spain does not have the necessary qualifications and is placed in the category of ordinary quality saffron. Therefore, there is no difference between regular and Spanish saffron. Spanish saffron is known not because of it is quality, but because of the enormous retail market, it has. Spain has a retail market of about 140 countries and does not allow it is competitors to enter its market. Spain knows very well; it is saffron can not be compared to Iranian saffron in terms of quality. it is interesting to know, that every year, Spain hosts a great saffron cultural festival to introduce Spanish saffron to the world.

As you may know, Spain hosts many tourists, various festivals and occasions lead tourists to Spain, bullfighting and the Spanish football team is world famous, moreover every year in October, tourists travel to Spain on the occasion of the saffron festival. In this enormous celebration, various dishes from Spain prepared with saffron seasoning are prepared for guests and tourists. Red saffron (Red Gold), along with Spanish dance and music, multiplies the effect of the celebration. Paella (a famous and best-selling dish), various soups, ice creams, various sauces, and lamb chops are served in this enormous saffron gathering. Compared to Iranian saffron, Spanish saffron is short and curly. It is interesting to know that Spain buys saffron in bulk from Iran and of course at a lower price, but in the world markets, it sells under it is own name and at an exorbitant price. Iranian saffron has a reddest and elongated appearance.

Ways to distinguish original and fake saffron

Sweet aroma, not sweet taste

Remember, original saffron has a sweet aroma moreover a bitter taste. You must have heard this folk saying: bitter taste has more healing properties, this folk saying is correct about saffron.


Saffron has a sweet and attractive smell, moreover depending on it is freshness, it has a stronger aroma.

Cold water

Put some saffron in cold water, then take out the saffron threads, if the saffron threads are original, they will be red, otherwise, they will return it is color in water.

Color of stigmas

Genuine saffron stigmas are dark in color and curved, they are not shiny at all, unlike fake saffron.

Above we mentioned some ways to distinguish original saffron from fake. You should be aware that the safest way to buy original saffron is to buy it from farmers or reputable commercial brands. Buying saffron and consuming it originally will help you improve your body health, so be careful to buy saffron.