First of all, we would like to know more about saffron, the king of Iranian pantry spices. Although saffron is an Iranian herb, today, its aroma is scattered all over the world. Saffron is a resilient and generous herb. These are good reasons for this, to make saffron popular among farmers. Saffron trade is an important part of Iran’s economy and some world countries. It can be said that knowing saffron is knowing an important part of the economy. It is important to pay attention to this point, aroma, flavor, color and countless benefits of saffron have made this plant become a profitable business. In addition to knowing saffron, its benefits and the best way to use it are also important. If we want to know the best way to use saffron, we must first have information about it. Join us to learn more about the saffron herb.

What is saffron?

All of us know saffron because it is great to taste and rich in color. Saffron is a dry spice from the herb Crocus sativus. Saffron consists of roots, leaves, pistils, petals, stamen, and stigma. It is interesting to know that saffron is the most valuable plant species in the world, whose product is sold by the gram. The stigma is the most important part of the plant. The stigma is also composed of various parts. These parts include Sargol, Negin, Pushal, and konj.

  • Sargol saffron: the most important part of the stigma is the Sargol. Sargol, is the purest and reddest part of the stigma. Reasonable price, color concentration, and high export value are the distinguishing features of Sargol saffron. One of the important features of Sargol saffron is that it is pieces are separate from each other. The stigmas should not be attached.
  • Negin saffron: Negin saffron is the most beautiful type of saffron, and depending on whether the stigma is thick or thin, it takes the grade of Super Negin, which is the best type of saffron. The amount of safranal and crocin in Super Negin saffron is more than in others.
  • Pushal saffron: Pushal is one of the different types of saffron. This part of saffron is yellow or orange in color. Although its color concentration is high, it is not of high quality in appearance. Due to it is low price and affordability, Pushal saffron is more popular in the confectionery and food industries.
  • Konj saffron: This part of saffron, which is known as white saffron because of it is color, has more fragrance than other parts of the stigma, but the concentration of color is less. This part has the properties of saffron like other parts of the stigma and has fewer benefits than the others.

How to distinguish Sargol and Negin Saffron?

The main difference between these two types of Sargol and Negin saffron is that the threads of Negin saffron are healthy and elongated and have minimal breakage, but in Sargol, most of the threads are broken and the possibility of being fake is higher. The export of Negin and Super Negin saffron is more to Asian countries and European and American countries are in favor of Sargol saffron. As you may know, it is difficult for us to identify saffron, the best option is to buy from the farmer or well-known brands in this field.

The main component of Saffron

Saffron is an interesting plant. Each chemical compound in it has it is own responsibility. Here we get to know the chemical compounds of saffron, as well as their functions.


Crocin is a rare carotenoid in nature that is easily soluble in water. The coloring property of saffron is affected by this water-soluble carotenoid.


The bitter taste of saffron is caused by this substance.


A pleasant aroma is the first thing that caresses the human soul. As you know, saffron has the most pleasant aroma among spices. Saffron owes its pleasant aroma to safranal. It is interesting to know, Although, safranal responsible for the aroma, it has a little fresh stigma or there is no effect of safranal in these fresh stigmas. The amount of saffron aroma is directly related to how it is dried and also the conditions.

The quality of saffron depends on the concentration of crocin, picrocrocin and safranal. These are the main metabolites providing the unique color and flavor of saffron.

As you know, the value of saffron is very high all over the world. To extent that it has been given the title of “Red Gold”. when you know more it its benefits, you will realize why is called Red Gold.

Impressive saffron benefits

Import Saffron from Iran

Antioxidant boost

As you may know, any substance that disrupts the oxidation process is called an antioxidant. Saffron is one of the strong and useful antioxidants for the body.

Weight lose

By increasing metabolism in the body, saffron causes weight loss as well as body health.

Increase libido

Saffron can be used as an aphrodisiac. Saffron can help men’s and women’s sexual health too.

Good for your skin

Saffron can help to have good skin.

  • Contribute to reducing blood pressure
  • Improve regulating mood
  • Improve memory function
  • Reduce period pain and PMS symptoms
  • Improve depression

Iranian Saffron

Needless to say, saffron is a native of Iran. The vast plains of Khorasan have the best conditions for growing Iranian saffron. Although saffron is cultivated in different parts of Iran, it is of the best quality and still belongs to Khorasan province. Iranian saffron, due to its pleasant aroma and flavor, as well as it is an excellent and unique color, has made it is way to the whole world. From east to west, everyone the requester the Iranian saffron. It may be right to mention that despite the existence of China and Afghanistan in the competitive market, today Iran’s position is a little in danger, but the quality of Iranian saffron is famous worldwide. It is hoped that with the correct export measures, our share of this profitable and competitive market will remain intact and Iranian saffron will continue to shine in global competition.

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Best way to use saffron

As mentioned above, saffron is a well-known herb with many healing properties, today it has a special place in our spice racks. There are many ways to use saffron. You can use saffron directly in daily foods, desserts, and sweets. Another way to use saffron is to prepare herbal tea and saffron syrup. These days, everyone knows about the profitable herb, saffron. Saffron herbal tea, has many fans these days. Here, we describe how to prepare saffron tea, which is a traditional drink in Iran.


  • Black tea
  • Saffron
  • Cardamon
  • Rosewater
  1. Boil the water
  2. Pound the saffron in a mortar so that it releases it is aroma well and also has more color
  3. Finally, we add black tea, saffron powder, cardamom, and rosewater. Let all the ingredients brew together for ten minutes

Now, your saffron herbal tea is ready, you can enjoy this soothing and delicious tea in a narrow-waisted cup with candy or dates.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to use saffron, therefore, how to use saffron depends on your taste.

As you know, it is very difficult to distinguish original saffron from fake. Therefore, it is better to buy it directly from the farmer or buy it from reputable brands. With years of experience in the production and export of saffron, the Esfedan brand is always by your side to provide you with the best quality. In the following, we are your guide in buying bulk saffron.

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