Saffron for Weight Loss

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, and you can use it as an additive to your beverages as well as spice to your food. High-quality saffron gives an amazing taste and color to both your food and drinks. In addition, saffron has medicinal benefits, and amongst others, saffron is used to improve anxiety levels.

In different parts of the world, a lot of people use Kesar for weight loss, and there is specific saffron tea for weight loss that can help you prevent overeating and stress eating. In this article, we would like to discuss saffron for weight loss. But first, let’s talk about saffron in general.

What is Saffron?

Saffron originates from the crocus-sativus flower. The primary reason for the high cost of saffron lies in the labor-intensive process required to harvest. Additionally, we should not ignore how saffron blooms once a week, every year. After the saffron is picked and dried, it needs to be dried and this process will determine the quality of the saffron.

Saffron producers around the world, particularly in Iran produce saffron-based items such as saffron-based rock confectionery, saffron cake powder, saffron-based pudding, etc. These are very popular in Iran as well as other countries because of the health benefits of saffron.

Saffron for Weight Loss

 Saffron for Weight Loss - Kesar for Weight Loss

Saffron that is of high quality can aid in weight loss for a variety of reasons. Based on the historical background of saffron’s use from Persian, India, Spain, and Greece saffron was utilized as a weight loss supplement along with other applications including perfume, and beneficial properties for medicinal purposes.

In recent years, scientists are studying how saffron benefits us as well as the way our bodies respond when we take various doses of saffron. Saffron is a powerful antioxidant that has numerous health benefits, including fighting cancerous cells and improving depression and anxiety, but more importantly, it can aid in weight loss.

But how do they perform? What can saffron do to help weight loss?

Crocin is a substance that is found in saffron. It is known to stop the absorption of fats in the body. This is done by stopping pancreatic lipase. This aids the body in the absorption of fat. Thus the body will not be storage of fat. Instead, it’ll use them to generate energy, which eventually can lead to weight reduction.

Saffron Prevents Over Eating

There are many ways to take saffron. As mentioned above, you can add saffron to your drinks or food. However, there is a saffron extract that you can use as a supplement as well. High-quality saffron extract is known to reduce your appetite and prevent you from overeating which can lead to gaining weight.

Moreover, saffron can also increase levels of serotonin in your brain, and as a result, it can regulate mood.

Saffron Prevents Stress Eating

Stress eating is the number one reason why we gain weight. We often tend to eat unhealthy food such as a cheeseburger, double cheese pizza, French fries (even talking about them makes us hungry), etc. When we are stressed and eat unhealthy food, our brain releases a chain of chemicals that brings pleasurable sensation. The same sensation can be experienced with the high-quality saffron extract. Whenever you are stressed, try to take a saffron extract of saffron tea. When taking saffron, chemical releases in our brain, which tells us that we aren’t as hungry as we think, and additionally, as mentioned above, it will boost our mood.