How to Make the Perfect Saffron Tea?

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, and it comes with different grades. Buying saffron online can be quite tricky; there are many scammers trying to take advantage by selling fake saffron online. There are ways that you can spot fake saffron; we recommend you either test the saffron for its purity or buy it directly from the manufacturer.

Saffron has various benefits that are perfect for your body. You can add saffron as an additive to your food or make herbal tea with high-quality saffron. In this article, we would like to discuss how to make the perfect saffron tea.

Hot Perfect Saffron Tea

saffron tea

Saffron tea is a drink that can be enjoyed either cold or hot; there’s a saffron-infused tea recipe that can be used for hot and cold drinks which you can select based on your preferences. Following tea, coffee is the most popular drink in the globe, and each day, people consume tea cold or hot.

In addition to delicious hot teas, there are also recipes for iced tea. For the first step in making Saffron tea, it is likely to require a few ingredients. In the beginning, you’re likely to require 1 liter of hot water approximately 4 cups. Pour hot water into the pot or a jug you want to prepare the saffron-infused tea in. Then, add approximately 10-12 threads of saffron to the container. The number of threads can be altered according to how strong you want the saffron tea to be.

Let it sit for approximately 15 minutes to ensure that the saffron will release its flavor and color to the water. There are many alternatives to making the perfect saffron, which we will explore further.

Saffron Black Tea with Honey and Mint

The Saffron black tea recipe is the most standard and traditional way of making saffron tea. In our previous article, we talked about the benefits of saffron tea. To make black saffron tea with honey and mint, you are going to need 10-12 threads of high-quality saffron, six mint leaves, one tablespoon of honey, black tea, and 2 cups of hot water.

First, heat up the water, add your black tea bags, add 10-12 threads of high-quality saffron as well as the honey and let it steep for 15-20 minutes. After that, add your mint leaves a few minutes before drinking it.

Saffron Tea with Milk

saffron tea

The second recipe in our perfect saffron tea article is saffron tea with milk. To make saffron tea with milk, you are going to need 1 cup of milk, half a cup of water, one tablespoon of black tea leaves, one tablespoon of cardamom powder, and ten high-quality saffron threads.

First and foremost, heat up your water until it reaches a boiling point, then add your spices (saffron and cardamom) let it continue to boil for two or three minutes. Now, add your milk and tea leaves and let it boil up. If the consistency isn’t up to your standards, you can add more milk and sugar to it.


In the article, we talked about what you need to know to create the best tea with saffron. Saffron is a great source of health advantages and is available in a variety of varieties. If you are buying saffron from the internet be sure that you’re buying from reputable websites that have positive reviews or directly from the manufacturer.

It is possible to add saffron into your food items as an ingredient or create saffron-based tea such as saffron tea by mixing honey, mint, and milk. Saffron tea can be consumed hot or cold depending on the flavor you prefer and preference. If you’d prefer a stronger saffron-based tea then you can add more saffron threads of high quality to your saffron tea.