How to Use Saffron?

As you probably know, saffron can add a unique flavor and color to your dishes, and you may not even be aware of saffron benefits and saffron uses. The spice has many benefits, especially for medicinal purposes. Moreover, other saffron health benefits include fighting cancerous cells, help reduce anxiety, etc. There are three ways to use saffron. In this article, we will discuss how to use saffron and take advantage of the benefits saffron has to offer.

Saffron Milk

how to use saffron - milk infused benefits

We could have a long discussion over the benefits of Saffron dairy benefits. The drink does not just have benefits from saffron but also is also a milk-based drink too. In order to make saffron milk, you must mill the saffron. You can take a small amount of saffron, that’s approximately 15-30 threads of saffron, and then grind it into a fine powder using the electric grinding machine or pestle.

After the saffron has been ground completely, it’s now ready to be made into saffron milk. Remember that you can also add threads in your milk, instead of the powder. The powder, however, is easier to digest. On the stove, place the milk over medium to low heat, then add the saffron, and slowly begin stirring the mixture to be sure that the milk doesn’t get too hot. It will take 10 minutes before you achieve the exact color you’re trying to find. When the milk begins to turn yellow, it’s done. Add honey, or even cardamom to give additional flavor.

Saffron Tea

how to use saffron

There are plenty of benefits to both black and green tea. In our previous article, we have discussed the benefits of saffron tea. However, we would briefly explain how to make saffron tea here as well. Drinking a cup of tea a day has benefits for your body. To make saffron tea, fill your teapot with water and bring it to a boiling point, add herbal saffron tea-bag to it and wait for 5 minutes, then grab your favorite mug and have a healthy cup of saffron tea.

Persian Saffron Rice

To make the saffron topping and add it to your rice, you have to take good five tablespoons of your cooked rice and mix two tablespoons ofhigh-quality bloomed saffron(you can buy saffron from your local supermarket or online), and start mixing it with your rice. Once the rice gets a pleasing yellow color, spread the saffron rice mixture on top of the white rice that’s about to be served.


In this article, we talked about how to use saffron. Saffron has many benefits, and by either drinking saffron infused water or saffron infused milk, you can get your daily nutrition. Besides, you can add saffron threads to many dishes, Persian included. Overall, saffron health benefits are convincing enough for us to add saffron to our daily intake.