Benefits of Borage Tea

Borage is a very important medicinal plant with many healing properties. This plant is popularly known as the flower of the tongue of the cow, bluebird, or viper. This plant has been familiar to Iranians from the past until now. To benefit from the healing properties of this plant, its flowers and leaves are dried and brewed, and drunk as a borage flower drink.

Benefits of Borage

Benefits of Borage Tea - Borage Tea GAP with Saffron Rock Candy

A Starflower is a plant with a thousand and one famous properties. In traditional Iranian and Arabic medicine, borage is used as a nerve enhancer, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic. Most Iranian medicines have described the nature of borage as warmer and wetter. Borage contains antioxidants, anthocyanins, flavonoids, gamma-linoleic acid, B vitamins, vitamin C, choline, magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium. Each of these substances has beneficial properties for the body, which is important. We’ll explain the benefits of borage tea.

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Nerve Booster

Borage tea is recommended to strengthen the nerves and have peace of mind and reduce the role of stress and anxiety in today’s busy and anxious life. Research shows that drinking a glass of this tea daily prevents anxiety. Also, drinking it has a calming effect before going to sleep. The feeling of peace of mind also helps to relieve and overcome depression. It is said that consuming this plant is not ineffective in treating obsessions.


Borage extract contains flavonoids, saponins, unsaturated terpenoids, sterols, and magnesium. These compounds give it remarkable antioxidant properties that prevent cancer and in combination with other anti-cancer drugs are useful in combating the proliferation of cancer cells.

Improve Colds

Infusion of borage leaves and flowers is not only useful for relieving colds but also for treating chronic coughs, respiratory arrests, and mild asthma. It is very effective in lowering fever in diseases such as measles, scarlet fever, smallpox, and urticaria.

Improves Heart and Lungs

Daily consumption of Iranian borage tea can be useful in improving pulmonary disorders and heart function. Because it improves blood circulation.


Borage is diuretic and facilitates the passage of urine through the ducts. Bladder obstruction is relieved by drinking borage infusion. One is considered one of the best herbs for detoxifying the body, especially the kidneys. This tea helps to treat inflammation and inflammation of the kidneys and is also useful for relieving urinary incontinence.


Drinking borage is recommended for people with constipation because borage as a laxative helps strengthen bowel movements.

Improve Skin Health

The anti-inflammatory properties of borage flower tea have made it a leader in traditional medicine for treating acne and pimples.


Regular consumption of borage extract and tea helps people with high cholesterol to control their cholesterol and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.

Improve Premenstrual Syndrome

Symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, and premenstrual irritability can be effectively reduced by drinking a glass of the plant’s leaves and flowers.

Blood Sugar Control

Diabetic nerve damage can be prevented by regular use of borage tea. Drink a glass of it every morning to control your blood sugar.

How to Prepare Borage Tea

Pour one to three tablespoons of borage jam with two small Omani lemons or mustard and a few small candies and three cups of boiling water into the teapot and put it in boiling steam for 20 to 30 minutes to brew and then sip. You can add candy or honey after brewing the ingredients.

Important Points Regarding the Consumption of Borage

Sure, there are plenty of benefits of borage tea. However, as mentioned, this plant is very useful and effective, especially for tired or stressed people, but it is very important to observe a few points when consuming tea. Some medicinal plants have more side effects than chemical plants and borage tea is no exception to this rule. This drug is not suitable for people with high blood pressure.

Because this plant alone raises blood pressure, and these people must consume this tea with fresh lemon juice or Omani lemon. The compounds of borage cause habituation in people, so it is recommended not to use this plant more than five times, or once every five days for three days until the next consumption to somehow get rid of the habit. Due to the presence of the alkaloid element in borage tea, pregnant and lactating women should not use this tea.