How to Store Saffron Properly?

Saffron is a spice that is harvested from the crocus sativus flower, and it can be used as an additive to tea and different dishes. In addition, due to the medicinal properties saffron have, both men and women are wildly using it. Moreover, saffron manufacturers have been producing saffron-based products such as saffron rock candy, saffron powder, saffron herbal tea, etc. We can add it to our daily meals.

But, there are different types of saffron, and the premium quality saffron can be sold for thousands of dollars, and it would be such a waste if you didn’t store it properly and see it spoiled. So, how can you store saffron?

History of Saffron

Cultivation of saffron goes back thousands of years, and there have also been cave findings that revealed saffron-based paintings in the Persian Empire. In the old days, saffron was mostly used for medicinal purposes. They even used it to dye the royal carpet, rugs, and saffron even used in funeral shrouds.

In addition, due to the flavor of saffron and the smell it produces on its own, it has also been used as a perfume in gatherings amongst wealthy people. There are different qualities of saffron. In our previous article, we have discussed how to spot fake saffron as well as different grades.

How to Store Saffron?

how to store saffron

The most convenient way to store Saffron is to use a dry, airtight container that is clean and place it in a location that is not exposed to sunlight. When saffron its fresh, high-end, or any other kind of saffron, is exposed to humidity or, in certain cases, humidity, it begins to lose its benefits rapidly, and isn’t able to be used in the future. Even if saffron has been in contact with oxygen to time, it can go bad.

This is why you’re likely to require an airtight and clean container that air cannot circulate after you’ve stored the saffron inside a container as previously mentioned, find a cool and dry place that is not exposed to sunlight and place it there. The ideal place to store it is a kitchen cabinet. Be aware of the fact that you should try to stay clear of metallic as it will absorb heat and can cause saffron to turn bad.

Remember that top-quality saffron is able to be used for as long as two years. If it is stored correctly, it could last for more than two years. It is suggested to utilize the purchased saffron prior to two years, and before it begins losing its properties.

Additionally, many people prefer to keep saffron in their refrigerators. However, you must be careful not to do this because when you store it in the refrigerator for a long period of time it could cause condensation. But, if, however, you’re frequent users and won’t be stored in the refrigerator every day It’s okay.

The best temperature for storage of the saffron should be between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. As we have mentioned humidity can damage the saffron. Therefore, it is suggested to store saffron at a temperature that is at or below 40 percent humidity.


In this article, we discussed how to store saffron. Storing saffron can either increase its lifespan or completely ruin it. Therefore, it is recommended that you store your premium quality saffron in an airtight container that is not too big. For example, a clean Nutella container. Saffron should be kept in a kitchen cabinet if it’s wooden as the metal cabinet can absorb heat and ultimately lead to spoiling the saffron. We at Esfedan are wholesale saffron exporter, and you can buy premium quality saffron directly from the manufacturer.