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Super Negin Saffron Bulk Packaging

  • Saffron Type: Super Negin
  • Coloring Strength: 270
  • Weight: 125 gr
  • Packaging: Metal sealed tins


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Super Negin Saffron Bulk Packaging

Besides Sargol (All-Red) and Negin Saffron, there is another kind of Saffron called Super Negin. Super Negin is the most valuable and expensive kind of saffron due to its quality. Its Aroma and color strength are one of a kind. Our Super Negin Saffron comes in different weights and packagings such as Metal sealed tins, Atlas, Glass jar, etc… Depend on your purpose of use you can order different packagings. our bulk packagings weight starts from 125 gr up to 1 kg. if your annual usage of saffron is more than 20 g and you are looking for high-quality saffron we recommend you Super Negin Saffron Bulk Packaging.

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