Iranian Saffron

Iranian Saffron

Iranian Saffron

The Iranian saffron is known to the world as the best saffron available in the market. The Iranian saffron suppliers produce the highest quality saffron globally, and most hypermarkets get in touch with Iranian manufacturers for saffron wholesale. Currently, Iran is supplying over 90% of the market’s demand.

Most saffron is cultivated in the province of Khorasan. Moreover, the Iranians are known to produce saffron-based products out of the Iranian saffron. For example, saffron rock candy, saffron mixed cake powder, saffron jelly, saffron herbal tea, saffron pudding, etc. The Iranian saffron comes in 4 major types. Super Negin, Negin, Sargol and Pushal.

Super Negin - Iranian Saffron

Super Negin

Super Negin is the best of the best. Super Negin saffron consists of red threads. This type of Iranian saffron is highly valuable.

Negin - Iranian Saffron


Negin is another Iranian saffron that is produced out of the top-quality saffron flower that is hand picked from different provinces of Iran. The Negin saffron consists of all red saffron threads.

Sargol - Iranian Saffron


Sargol means the top of the flower. This type of saffron is the top of the Crocus sativus (saffron flower) flower. The threads in Sargol Iranian saffron are shorter compared to Negin and super Negin.

Pushal - Iranian Saffron


Pushal saffron consists of yellow and red threads of saffron flower.

History of Iranian Saffron

Iranian saffron

In the vintage Persia, saffron was first cultivated close to Alvand and Zagros mountains all through the kingdom of Media that goes back to (708 – 550 BC), however sadly, there aren’t any more facts about how they used saffron again then. However, it’s far recognized that the Persians were the primary race to cultivate saffron. Now, the wholesale of Iranian saffron has been powering over 90% of the world’s saffron demand, with a maximum of the saffron being produced in the Khorasan province.

In the old Persian days, saffron was given as a present, much like flora, gold, and candy in wedding ceremonies. Further, saffron was also used as a religious object; they used it to offer a fragrance to color dead bodies. At some point in the Achaemenid, goes back to 550 BC – 330 BC, saffron turned into called Kurkum or Karkam and was taken with cinnamon and cardamom to prepare a powerful potion. In addition, in keeping with an inscription discovered in palaces, it showed that they used 1 kg of saffron every day to make saffron bread.

For the duration of the Parthian empire back in 256 BC – 224 ad and the Sassan dynasty 641 ad, they had been capable of exporting Iranian saffron to Greece, India, Rome, and China. They also used saffron to make royal fragrance and even facial oil for kings and in cooking that were made for them. And within the Sassan reign, they used saffron to color paper to play chess on it, and king Khosru Parvez ordered that his letters have to be written on papers infused with saffron and rosewater.

Pure Iranian Saffron

The premium saffron is professionally picked and processed manually to decrease the damages. The primary apparent signal of pure Iranian saffron is its deep red coloring. The exceptional pleasant sort of saffron has a deeper coloring. Also, in contrast to our beliefs, the pure Iranian saffron has a barely sweet taste.

Except for the form and color, you want to check for its elements deeply to ensure its purity. The size of saffron threads, length of the red components, and lack of yellow or white styles affect the purity of saffron.

By means of the manner, as there are dyed Pushals in the marketplace bought as great saffron, the saffron look is not the only factor which you have to pay attention to.

Moreover, even though you could buy saffron in whole threads and grind it yourself, there may be saffron in powder. When you are going to shop for saffron powder, be more careful as it is able to be mixed with other flowers’ powder.

We rather recommend buying saffron directly from Iranian saffron suppliers or hypermarkets. But, if you are a distributor or store that is extraordinarily dependent on your clients’ trust, we advise inquiring for lab assessments to make sure that you are providing saffron from reliable suppliers. So, how do you buy bulk saffron?

Buy Bulk Saffron

You can purchase bulk saffron and Iranian saffron from Esfedan, which has been the leading supplier of Iranian saffron since 1975. Esfedan is a large saffron wholesale that has offices around world and exports lots of saffron to twenty-eight nations every year.

The Iranian saffron produced by Esfedan is harvested and handpicked cautiously to keep it is properties. Then, the harvested saffron might be examined inside the laboratory to examine its purity.

Esfedan is a saffron supplier that produces other saffron-based products including saffron rock candy, saffron tea, saffron cake powder, saffron pudding, and so on. To buy Iranian saffron without delay from a saffron supplier, do not hesitate to contact Esfedan.