Saffron Rock Candy 15 Sachets

  • 15 Sachets of Saffron Rock candy
  • Made from Sugar and Saffron
  • Natural Sweetener
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Our Saffron Rock candy is more than delicious. It’s sucrose generated from sugar cane and sugar beets and shaped into beautiful crystals. We offer you this product in several kinds of packagings, just the way you want.  We provide packages with sachets of saffron rock candy and also sachet-free packages. Try it at least once and we promise that you won’t stop. It reduces pain and fatigue and also it contains saffron. You can add it to your tea, food, and water instead of sugar and enjoy its sweetness and saffron impacts at the same time. The sachets of saffron rock candy make it easier to use each rock candy in one sitting.

This Package contains 15 Sachet of Rock candy.

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