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Esfedan Packaging less than 10 grams Saffron
If you are looking for original saffron and best saffron brand, we offer you Esfedan Retail saffron. Our saffron contains high amounts of crocin, picrocrocin, and safranal, which determine the quality of Esfedan Saffron. Our Saffron has been cultivated from the most popular farms of Khorasan Razavi in Iran. We export our Saffron to more than 28 countries and we believe that we can bring quality in your life.

Our Saffron comes in different packagings; one of the main categories is Retail packaging which contains atlas, pocket and sachet packaging. we can assure you that any kind of saffron in any type of packaging is available here. Moreover, this packaging is suitable for domestic use since you only need a little bit of saffron per plate. So please do not hesitate to join Esfedan Saffron Community and increase the quality of your life by improving your eating conditions.

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