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Trusted By More Than 4350 Hypermarket Branches
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The Delicious Addition to Your Evening Ceremony

Esfedan Rock Candy, also produced under the name of Goliran, is a high-quality rock sugar that highlights your hot drinks. Our rock candy adds a sweet flavor with a touch of saffron to your drink. As a result, it adds up to its color and aroma. Also, you can dissolve each candy stick in up to two cups of hot drink, depending on your taste.

Rock candy is also being called Nabat and Mishri in Persian and Hindi respectively. It was first being used and dissolved in tea in Asia and the middle east. But people now use it similarly with coffee, water, milk, and any other hot drinks worldwide. The luxurious taste and aroma of saffron complement your drink, especially in cold winter evenings.

Rooted in traditional medicine, it is believed that rock candy has healing effects. Some of these effects, for instance, include calming stomach, smoothing throat, reducing cough, and also lessening sleep deprivation. We recommend using it for once to notice the soothing effect of our saffron sugar crystal.

Besides the traditionally believed effects of rock candy, the saffron itself adds up to the product. The natural saffron adds more color with a beautiful orange hue to your drink. Also, it increases the refreshing effect of crystal candy. Believe it or not, people in middle eastern countries, use rock candy as a beautiful table ornament in the ceremonies. In particular, it has a special place in weddings. Rock candy symbolizes a sweet and happy life for the newlywed couple.

saffron threads on rock candy stick

Saffron rock candy in sachets

  • Sachet packaging for more safe delivery

  • Convenient single-serve packs

  • Diverse pack sizes

We have designed our sachet packages for customers who are mainly concerned about the shipment and storage process. Although our crystal candy is wrapped in safe packages, sachet pockets minimize the risk of any contamination. Furthermore, our sachet packages arrive in divers pack sizes. The sachets make it more convenient for customers interested in using Persian rock candy at different time intervals.

Iranian rock candy
Iranian Rock Candy with Sticks

Rock candy with saffron threads

  • Additional saffron threads for more color and aroma

  • Customized number of saffron threads

  • Diverse pack sizes

Our rock candy packages with saffron threads improve your drink time experience by adding more saffron aroma and color. This product is available in different pack sizes. Furthermore, you can pre-order rock candy packages with 1-3 high-quality saffron threads on each candy stick. Most importantly, these additional saffron threads are added and designed by hand. Rock candy sticks with saffron threads are also a luxurious addition to your ceremonies.

Rock candy with saffron threads

  • Additional saffron threads for more color and aroma

  • Customized number of saffron threads

  • Diverse pack sizes

Our sugar crystal packages improve your drink time experience by adding saffron aroma and color. Here at Esfedan, rock candy sticks are available in different pack sizes. Furthermore, you can pre-order rock candies with 1-3 high-quality saffron threads added to each stick. Most importantly, the additional saffron threads are added and designed by hand. These rock candy sticks with saffron threads can also be a luxurious addition to your ceremonies.

tea with rock candy

What Makes ESFEDAN Rock Candy More Desirable?

Esfedan produces high-quality rock candy without any additives. Mostly sugar that contains blanket or sodium dithionite is being used in rock sugar. The component would consequently increase the risk of cancer. But, unlike usual process, we value your health and use chemical-free sugar to produce our candy sticks at Esfedan.

Moreover, though orderly crystals look more beautiful, they are, in fact, a warning sign. These crystals show that chemicals are being used in a candy stick. We are proud to announce that the shape of our rock candy also shows it’s chemical-free.

Next, crystal sugar with no additives dissolves faster in drinks. As Esfedan’s rock candy has no additives, it dissolves easily in a hot beverage. Please note that your beverage needs to be hot for our crystal sugar to dissolve easily in it. Let it sit and soak in your beverage. Then drink it slowly to enjoy every inch of it.

We also use the Vacuum Pump System to keep the temperature at least 30° beneath the usual production temperature. As a result of this advanced system, all quality features of rock candy will be preserved.

Lastly, we use food-grade wooden sticks which are the best biodegradable and reusable alternative to plastic sticks. Unlike plastic that releases harmful chemicals in hot drinks, a wooden stick is the perfect drink stirrer. It helps to dissolve saffron and sugar in your tea or coffee and sweeten your drink.

Iranian super negin saffron

What Makes ESFEDAN Packaging Satisfactory?

Packaging should also play an important role in your choice of rock candy, even as important as the ingredients. We provide our rock candy in beautiful and practical packs that fulfill every need. Moreover, our packaging protects saffron crystal sugar from environmental contamination, physical damage, and also humidity during shipment.

Esfedan produces its high-quality rock candy with wooden sticks in different packs, with and without sachet. The main difference between these various crystal sugar packages is that sachet packets packaging keeps rock candies fresher.

Compared to regular packages, packages with sachets of saffron crystal candy reduce the risks of storage even more. Besides that, when the pack is opened, the sachets preserve the quality of other rock candy sticks. So, you can use each rock sugar in one sitting.

Consequently, when using the sachet packages, there is no need to keep the remaining rock candy sticks resealed. However, do not be afraid. You can alternatively put your sachet-free packages of rock candy in an airtight container at room temperature.

Our regular packages come with 8, 16, and 24 rock candy pieces on wooden sticks. Also, our sachet packet packages come with 10, 15, and 20 rock candy sachets. For more color and aroma, we recommend our regular packages of rock candy with pure saffron threads on them. You can order these packs with 1, 2, or 3 saffron threads on each crystal candy stick.

sachet packet packages of rock candy

What Ingredients ESFEDAN Rock Candy Has?

  • Saffron: here at Esfedan, we do not use any color additives. We infuse high-quality saffron into our sugar crystals to enhance the color and taste. Additionally, we add 1, 2, or 3 natural saffron threads to our rock candy sticks based on customers’ preferences.
  • Water
  • Sugar: sucrose extracted from sugar cane
Iranian rock candy with orange hue

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