What is Saffron Rock Candy?

In Persian, rock candy is also called Nabat. The history of rock candy went way back in Asia and the middle east when it was first dissolved in tea, but nowadays, it is often used in coffee, milk, water, and any other hot drinks that may need a bit of sugar and flavor. Rock candy also comes with saffron threads; saffron rock candy has the benefits of saffron as well as the rock candy itself.

Saffron Rock Candy

saffron rock candy

Rock candy was traditionally used due to its healing effects. To name a few benefits of rock candy, it is perfect for calming down the stomach, reducing coughing, reducing sleep deprivation, and helping smooth the throat. On the other hand, saffron rock candy has all the benefits of saffron alongside the benefits of rock candy.

When saffron is added to the product, it gives it more color and makes it more refreshing. In middle eastern countries, saffron rock candy is often used as a table ornament in some gatherings.

Types and Quality of Saffron Rock Candy

Esfedan Saffron Rock Candy with added Saffron

In general, saffron rock candy is packaged in sachets, or regular packages that contain eight, 16, and 24 saffron-colored rock candy pieces that are hung on wooden sticks. If you’re buying saffron-colored rock candy, be sure to look closely at how the candy appears.

Old rock candy crystals appear amazing, however, it’s a warning to avoid these crystals. If there are any chemical compounds found in the rock candy, the elder they become and the more chemical content it shows.

In addition, rock candy that does not contain substances that are addictive dissolves more quickly in hot drinks like black saffron tea, green tea, and so on.

Benefits of Saffron Rock Candy

  1. Compared to different types of candies, saffron rock candy has high laxative and anti-flatulence properties. Rock candy is also warmer than your regular sugar or sugar cubes, and if you burn it, it turns into a blackish-brown substance with a bitter taste, which is very beneficial for treating diarrhea due to its astringent properties.
  2. Due to having a large amount of sucrose, rock candy is absorbed by the body very quickly. Also, it stops coughing and relieves chest pain.
  3. One of the benefits of saffron rock candy is eliminating drowsiness, especially while driving, so it is recommended to have a cup of black tea with saffron rock candy before driving for long hours as it can help relieve fatigue and drowsiness.
  4. One of the important benefits of saffron rock candy is to prevent saliva from flowing, especially for people whose saliva flows in sleep, it is recommended to use different types of rock candy as it would help and is a good remedy for saliva.
  5. In the past, it was recommended to have one or two cups of hot water or black tea with saffron rock candy throughout the day to improve dementia.
  6. Since the symptoms of phlegm, gout, paralysis of a body part, pus, potency, and tremor, regular consumption of candy, rock candy; having saffron or regular rock candy with hot beverages is recommended to eliminate phlegm.