How to Prepare Saffron Pudding

As you know, saffron is a spice and coloring that is valuable due to its unique smell and aroma, as well as its effective medicinal properties. Saffron is used in a variety of foods, beverages, and desserts. In this article, we intend to discuss how to prepare a saffron dessert with Persian saffron.

What is Pudding?

What is Pudding - How to prepare saffron pudding

Before addressing the delicious saffron dessert, we want to answer the question of what is pudding and what is the difference with dessert. Pudding is food or snack that can have a variety of flavors, including spicy, sweet and salty, depending on the ingredients used. It is interesting to know that the ancient Americans called it delicious food or dessert pudding. For this reason, pudding and dessert were used interchangeably for a long time. Even today, these two words are sometimes used interchangeably. In this article, dessert is the same as pudding.

The main and important part of desserts is puddings. There are many types of puddings, including fruit, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and more. The distinguishing feature of puddings from other foods and desserts is their soft texture. Now that you are familiar with the word pudding, we want to exclusively explain pudding, the main ingredient, an extract of which is saffron, this fragrant and colorful Iranian spice.

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Saffron Pudding or Dessert

Instant Saffron Pudding - How to prepare saffron pudding

Saffron pudding has a sweet taste. Its color is bright yellow. Its texture is soft and spongy. The appearance of the pudding with saffron flavor is similar to the shape of custard. The main ingredient of this pudding, as its name suggests, is Iranian saffron, and as it was explained in detail in previous articles about the healing properties of saffron, this dessert can refresh, invigorate and strengthen your heart and arteries.

How to Prepare Saffron Pudding

This dessert is very simple to prepare and you can easily prepare it at home. Of course, ready-made pudding is also available in the market, which is prepared faster. Here are two ways to prepare this delicious dessert.


To prepare a saffron dessert, you need starch, powdered sugar or sugar and milk in the size of a cup, three eggs, 100 grams of butter if desired, a tablespoon of concentrated saffron brewed, and a small amount of salt. Adding vanilla is also optional.

Preparation steps: The first method

Take a medium bowl. Add starch, sugar, vanilla, salt, and egg yolk and stir to combine. Gradually add cold milk and stir well until smooth. Put these contents on a gentle heat. Continue stirring until the heat of the saffron pudding reaches boiling point. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the boiling point. The reason for spending this time with gentle heat is to cook the egg yolks and starch, otherwise, your pudding may smell raw and unpleasant. Turn off the flame when the contents begin to boil. Add Iranian saffron to it. If you like the taste of butter, you can add some butter to it at this stage. Your pudding is ready. But it must be completely cooled. So put it in the fridge for a few hours.

Preparation steps: The second method

There are several recipes for making saffron pudding. In the second method, you can brew saffron with milk instead of water. After preparing milk and saffron, add sugar and starch to it. Finally, add the egg yolk. Place your unbreakable and heat-resistant container in the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Your saffron dessert is ready. Remember, pudding takes the shape of a dish. So use dishes with attractive shapes to give it a good look. Also use clean, uniform white starch powder.

Decorate the dessert

Bananas and strawberries are the best fruits that you can use to decorate your dessert after it cools down. People who like chocolate flavors can sprinkle chocolate powder on the dessert after it has cooled, or pour chocolate sauce on the bottom of the dish and pour the hot dessert on it and then put it in the refrigerator. Pistachio powder or pistachio slices, coconut powder is always used to decorate a variety of desserts, including saffron pudding.

Instant Saffron Pudding

Preparing homemade saffron pudding will take you about an hour or maybe more. If you like the taste of Persian saffron in this delicious saffron dessert, but you do not have enough time to buy raw materials and prepare it; You can use instant puddings.

How to use Instant Pudding

Pour the instant pudding into a bowl. Add 2 glasses of cold milk to it. Stir the ingredients and put on a gentle heat. Keep stirring to feel the contents thicken. When the ingredients are like porridge, turn off the flame and pour the contents into the desired container. Put the dessert dish in the refrigerator. A few hours later, the dessert is completely cooled and you can enjoy it.