How to Import Saffron from Iran

As you may know, Iran is the biggest producer of saffron in the world. The majority part of the world’s supply of saffron originates from Iran. Spain is a good example, where it purchases most of its saffron from Iran and Iranian saffron suppliers and exports it to countries across the globe. The purchase of saffron from Iran comes with difficulties that can be very challenging for certain countries or companies. If you would like to import saffron from Iran, then this article is designed specifically for you in order to buy Iranian saffron.

What is Iranian Saffron

Import Saffron from Iran

Saffron is a unique spice and a popular one in Persian food because it adds gorgeous color and pleasant scent to Persian desserts and foods. Iranians make use of saffron in their teas, desserts stews, kebabs, etc. Shole Zard, which is a Persian rice pudding that is served during rituals, is one of the most popular uses for saffron.

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Benefits of Iranian Saffron

Iranian saffron is considered to be the most exquisite saffron anywhere in the world. It’s also healthy and nutritious food. The benefits of saffron include lowering blood pressure and heart disease prevention as well as reducing cholesterol and improving energy levels and mood. It’s also loaded with antioxidants that aid in preventing as well as treating cancer. It also aids in healing the abdomen, stomach, and intestines.

Despite its numerous therapeutic properties, overconsumption of saffron could cause poisoning. Human bodies can die due to the excessive consumption of saffron that’s why it’s advised that you don’t drink more than 5 grams at one meal.

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How to Import Saffron from Iran?

Iran is the biggest exporter of saffron anywhere in the world, with 44.5% of the total saffron produced in the world. Spain is the most significant importer of saffron around the world, with a 21.8 percent share. Saffron is among the commodities that have been given a place of honor in the world of money in Iran.

In the current era, Spain is considered a rival to Iran and is one of the major exporters of saffron. The UAE is also now one of the major exporters of saffron, but without cultivating saffron. In addition, many nations like Afghanistan, India, etc. are actively involved in the sphere of saffron trade.

In 2019, there were tons of saffron exported. Spain is the largest producer of large quantities of Iranian saffron and ships it to markets around the world with its own label.

Ways of Importing Saffron from Iran

  1. Purchase through the major Importers of Iranian Saffron

It is possible to find those countries’ names using an easy search. These countries export the majority of Iran’s saffron under their own brand and the cost of saffron will be typically at least two-to-three times higher than the price of Iran when you buy bulk saffron from a saffron supplier.

  1. Purchase from Intermediary Firms

The majority of these companies are situated within Persian Gulf countries such as Dubai. Contact these companies and purchase products from them.

  1. Directly from an Iranian Saffron Company

Generally speaking, there are two categories of saffron which are: non-brand and brand. Each has advantages and drawbacks. Keep in mind that businesses that are not brand-name are more flexible. But with the rise of fake saffron, it is always recommended that you purchase from a brand.

However, if you’re looking for an ongoing presence in the market for saffron. Directly buying saffron from a saffron supplier in Iran is the key and the most effective way.

The most significant obstacle to purchasing saffron in Iran is the money transfer. Based on any of the methods above there are a variety of reliable options; therefore, don’t be concerned.


Certain countries, like India, China, the United States, Saudi Arabia for instance. can’t obtain saffron directly from Iran because of bans or tariffs that are high. Although, a lot of Iranian saffron wholesalers can work with you directly.